In the summer of 2015, as I walked the San Benedetto Cammino between Norcia and Montecassino, the idea of ​​a Way to Sicily was born, with the aim of rediscovering and making known the beauties of the Sicilian hinterland, from which I come and to whom I’m intimately tied. The source of inspiration was the Friars who for centuries have walked on the mountains or the Sicilian countryside on foot or on the back of mules, leaving traces of their presence in the stories of people still remembering when the Friars were asking for “seek ” or the quest to be brought into their convents of origin.

By studying the paths on the map, ancient paths of pilgrimage have emerged between centers of habitation and remote villages, in solitary campaigns like Castel Belici, or on high mountain peaks such as the Marian Sanctuary  of Gibilmanna and the  Sanctuary  of Madonna dell’Alto, or in other centers inhabited as Blufi and Gangi. These paths seem to complement each other in a single path that can now be pursued with a spirit of devotion but also with passion for nature and the beauty that human nature has been able to accomplish in harmony with nature itself.

This is how the VIA DEI FRATI was born

A suggestion of a journey that starts from the heart of Sicily through the provinces of Caltanisetta and  Palermo, under the distant but present presence of Etna, runs the heart of the Sicilian Alps, the Madonie, to the Norman town of Cefalù.

After mapping the km of the route, studying the ancient trails and the Regie Trazzere, ancient communication routes that weave like a canvas all over Sicily, in August 2016 I started checking on the field, along with friends like me They are passionate about the idea of ​​the Way.

In 2017, the Communes of the Way of the Friars, Entities and Associations, recognized their patronage to the Way, giving more force to an idea that slowly, step by step, has become a beautiful reality open to everyone!NUOVA MAPPA MARZO 2017